Franklin's Emporium: The Pet Shop Mystery

 When Alex and her family move to Golden Bay, she wants to stay well away from the weird department store, Franklin's Emporium. But, with a new kitten in the house, Alex can't avoid the pet shop and soon goes home with a bit more than she bargained for...



I opened the door, feeling honoured, and stared at the structure rearing halfway up to the ceiling... Sam was up a stepladder adjusting the mirrors.



 The invisicat sprang. It couldn't get a grip on the polished surface, skidded right across the top and flew off the other end. On the way it knocked off the pudding, the dishes and the spoons. everyone span round and stared as, one by one, things cascaded to the floor.


 In the middle of the display was a portrait of Eli and his family. I recognized him easily from his picture in the pamphlets. Next to him was his tired-looking wife, and in front, three small girls, posing stiffly in frilly dresses. At the back, one on either side of Eli and his wife, stood two tall, thin, dapper young men. Arthur and Walter.