Creatures from outer space

Are we all marching towards technological singularity?


Steampunk crocodiles

Once upon a time, there lived cute crocodiles with narrow snouts. They were innovative inventors with unquenchable thirst for knowledge, bold and practical experimenters always ready to explore and experience something new.


Little Mushroomman

Little Mushroomman is floating inside the mechanical jellyfish machine. Impertubable, calm and tranquil, he just realised naturally occurring timeless awareness - supreme state of spontaneous presence.


Cyborg Gary

This is Gary. He is a creature with both organic and biomechatronic body parts. He is growing wild space mushrooms in his retrofuturistic house and likes to sing in the bathroom. Gary has a voice as soft as wild honey dripping from an oak tree.


Mechanical friends

You know what these 3 mechanical friends told me? True friends are those who lift you up when no one else even noticed you were down.


Zeta Reticuli

These alien cuties from binary star system Zeta Reticuli co-evolved with machines and mechanisms. The main power source on their planet is creative imagination and peanut butter cookies.


Ocean explorers

Brave ocean explorers can dive really deep.


The telepaths

Little is known about these bearded creatures. They have a hard protective outer layer on their heads which looks like a translucent shell. It is a vitally important evolutionary attachment to the brain. The telepaths are among the most honest living organisms in the galaxy, because all thoughts and mental processes in these shells are visible to others anyway. It means that the telepaths are not real telepaths, but nobody cares.


Reptilian brain

What if not primates, but reptilians would emerge as an extraordinary evolutionary force and develop super advanced civilisation, where they create computer simulation of the human world?


Ship on wheels

A ship in harbour is safe - but that is not what ships are built for.



Minkowski is from a globular cluster Omega Centauri. He is very open-minded and is in search of the meaning of life. He has a great sense of humour, an intense curiosity and a vast knowledge of multiple dimensions, black holes and the creation of molecular clouds.

Minkowski as a creature is quite small and looks like a black goo with eyes, but, in fact, he is the brain, the main controller of its complicated mechanical organism. Minkowski also has a so-called “window” in its robotic body, through which you can see the Quantum Micro-Universe.


Mushroom Wizards

Mushroom Wizards teach about the interconnectedness of life and they are ultimately immortal. They manifest as separate individuals with their own characteristics and specialities, but, in fact what they all are really - is Mushroom Mycelium, a complicated network of constantly branching cell chains, natural neurological superbrain of the planet. It decomposes and recycles dead plant material. It deals with death, but create conditions for the emergence of life.

Mushroom Wizards say that peace can be found even in our crazy world and all problems can be eradicated before they appear, that all manifestations, good or bad, are no more than a display of sacred elemental energies in space and that right now the absolute nature of mind can be realised.



Amanitamer is a venerable old shroombot with a reputation for wisdom and practicality.


Boletus Oppenheimer plays guitar


Road works

When everybody is busy, only bulldozer operator is calm and focused.


Alien coffee

Do you drink coffee in the morning? I do. Coffee is a psychoactive substance, which is modifying our personality for a short period of time and I like it a lot. This alien android can prove that.


Ocean explorers 2

One unforgettable trip in the self-propelled deep-sea submersible with a captain as cool as cucumber


Elephantus Philosophicus

Elephantus Philosophicus enjoys listening galactic radio noise that originates outside the Earth’s atmosphere. Sometimes he receives messages from extraterrestrial creatures from other dimensions. These aliens say: be fully alive, fully present, have gratitude for what you already have and realise that the life purpose is entirely up to you. .


Little bakery

The smell of freshly baked muffins is so delicious.


Real aliens

Real aliens don't arrive on Earth in super-duper spaceships - instead they come directly to our minds. Sometimes we don't even realise that some of our great ideas, insightful thoughts or dreams in fact have their origin on exotic planet in parallel dimension.


Earhorned knoof

A friendly mammal with the transparent belly and external ear horns. He has an excellent hearing and is able to detect an extremely broad range of frequencies including ultrasound. His favourite music is Beethoven's 7th Symphony op.92 in A Major movement II alegretto.



Captain J.J. Screwnut and Mr. Hootahman are from terrestrial-mass planet orbiting the pulsar PSR B1257+12.


Shroombot number 1

This Shroombot is from exoplanet inhabited by conscious fungi. He is half robot, half mushroom. He is aware and kind, and is always ready to help and act fast when needed. He remains open and spontaneous. He lives with life as it is.


Boletus Oppenheimer

Shroombot Boletus Oppenheimer is a quite unique character, a combination of kindness, power, scientific enthusiasm and technological optimism. His task is to defend his fungi planet using his sharp mind, super armour, natural clairvoyance and other parapsychological oddities and advanced cyber tools.


Shroombot numer 4

The shroombot number 4 is a mechanical mutant, cybercreature, the intermingling of mushrooms and machine, biology and advanced technology. The mushroom mycelium is interwoven into its electronic nerves to give rise to a new level of bio-mechanical consciousness.