Through stories we connect to each other, through stories we inspire and learn, we share our vision of ourselves, our experience of this world. Our stories make us unique and special.

The wondrous Story World in Discover Children’s Story centre in London is a perfect experience for kids to boost their imagination, create their own stories and even meet creatures from other worlds.

In the spring 2019 the Story World was reopened with new creative stations, places to play and stained glass windows based on my concept illustrations.

It was a year long project with lots of ideas in my sketchbook and visiting parallel dimensions with the power of imagination.

I do all of my sketches with a ballpoint pen. It is my favourite drawing tool since my first day at school.

Illustration stations in the sky-city.


That round shaped building was inspired by Swayambu temple, an ancient architecture atop a hill in the Kathmandu Valley. The dome at the base symbolises the entire world. The pinnacles on the top represent the steps towards ultimate enlightenment.


Below is a hot air balloon with three happy travellers on board. This aircraft was modified and upgraded by skilful alien engineers, so it can can use solar power as an energy source, fly at high speed and even play music. Other sketches were not used in the Story World, but I love them anyway. These line images are all wind and air, space and adventure.


This little alien is floating inside the mechanical jellyfish machine. These creatures have a cluster of mushroom mycelial cells in their heads, which works like a real brain. It also maintains and balances the life of this tiny organism. Each creature  has its own kind of mushrooms growing from their body. Mushrooms produce spores, which form new mycelium and the cycle starts again. 


The universe is a process. Process, movement, becoming and transmutation are essential attributes of the single, all-encompassing life force of the universe. Any creative process reflects this ever-flowing and ever-changing energy-in-motion and all the differences between us and cosmos disappear.

These little creatures are speeding somewhere on their flying machines, portable spaceships and steampunk alien shuttles. Cute, wise and extraterrestrial, they live in that particular corner of the universe where imagination meets this dynamic creative energy.


Flying machines in the sky, tall and funky houses with shiny roofs and round shaped windows and tiny creatures doing their day-to-day stuff - everything here is ready for a good story.


These tiny aliens live in the cloud city and they love it. They don’t worry, they don’t complain and don’t stress. Their world is made from imagination and it is created constantly at this very moment. In this wonderful city, under glass mushrooms kids can draw whatever they like, or experiment with stencils to develop concentration and drawing skills while having endless hours of fun.


The illustration stations were especially designed, so kids can draw with stencils. The light is coming from the desk through the paper and clearly illuminates the images, which makes tracing easy. The mushroom shape was inspired by the mushroom sandpit, where I used to play in deep childhood.


There is something to discover in every corner. Pure magic!


Cave under Sky Platform

Caves are dark and interesting. You have different textured stones to step on or rocks to sit. Something is glowing in far corner and we even could hear water dripping from stalactites.

Here I tried to include everything I could imagine, including alien slugs and prehistoric fossils.



Perhaps we could even have a small bakery here in the cave. The smell of freshly baked muffins is so delicious.


Story Factory

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