I am bad with numbers, straight lines and extreme rides in amusement parks.

I haven’t been in Amazon, but I enjoy skydiving and bungee jumping. ( Instagram)

I can sit in one place for hours, and I love being on the road for weeks.

I've travelled through Siberia on a train, meditated in India, had an Ayahuasca empowerment with the shaman, greeted sunrise on a hotel roof in Kathmandu and created lots of illustrations.

Travelling opened the world to me. Through drawing, I learned to understand the world and how is everything put together. 

Since childhood, I had a very vivid imagination and my mind was dealing with reality through pictures. 

I think Illustrations can be true reflections of the illustrator’s mind. An artist is able to take a piece of reality, pass it through the filters of his perception, mix with his experiences and conditions, then make it visible to others and share with the world. 

I am in love with creating images and creatures, with music and yoga and in love with my beautiful wife Anastasia and our two kids - Timoffey and Elizabeth. 

I am working across the various fields of editorial, educational and book illustration as well as character design and animated stories. I find my inspiration in great people, great art and in patterns of nature.

Let's connect and stay connected. 

We may have an extreme ride in Amazon forest one day.

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Aleksei is represented by Arena Illustration in London, UK

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Aleksei is represented by Alan Lynch Artists in US

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