Enchanted and Frail

Enchanted. Of all the alien shamans, in all the alternate universes and parallel worlds, the most spiritual of them all is Anaximander Enchanted from Zantria Y. Anaximander is in his sixties but is still full of vigor, humor and a desire to talk about his experiences. He has 108 wooden masks and always has one on his face.

Frail. Frail is not actually frail.


Shifting perspectives

Conscious intention to create and surrender to creative action - are two faces of the one all-encompassing force which is freedom itself. It is when your perspective shifts to only reveal that you are not a person, but the universe.

Shroombots running away from a corrupt megacorporation

The slice of another shroombot reality. Although sharing one sketchbook spread these shroombots each have their own unique pathway. One is practically trained and educated in the ways of metaphysics and space exploration, and the other leads super accelerated and sustainable lifestyle and has an enormous physical power.


Crocodiles and machines

The zen way to create art is by not doing it. It's already created within the mind-space of this reality, long before the artist, the shaman, the creator even had a thought about it. This is the reason I don't use eraser in my art and allow the creative flow take its own direction and manifest something which was already there but unseen and unnoticed. The zen way is to relax, inhale, exhale, then step aside and let things happen.


Flying City

Flying castle is a memory of something which has never happened, something that exists entirely inside the substratum of the mind.