Enchanted and Frail

Enchanted. Of all the alien shamans, in all the alternate universes and parallel worlds, the most spiritual of them all is Anaximander Enchanted from Zantria Y. Anaximander is in his sixties but is still full of vigor, humor and a desire to talk about his experiences. He has 108 wooden masks and always has one on his face.

Frail. Frail is not actually frail.


Mushroom Wizards

Mushroom Wizards teach about the interconnectedness of life and they are ultimately immortal. They manifest as separate individuals with their own characteristics and specialities, but, in fact what they all are really - is Mushroom Mycelium, a complicated network of constantly branching cell chains, natural neurological superbrain of the planet. It decomposes and recycles dead plant material. It deals with death, but create conditions for the emergence of life.

Mushroom Wizards say that peace can be found even in our crazy world and all problems can be eradicated before they appear, that all manifestations, good or bad, are no more than a display of sacred elemental energies in space and that right now the absolute nature of mind can be realised.


The Telepaths

Little is known about these bearded creatures. They have a hard protective outer layer on their heads which looks like a translucent shell. It is a vitally important evolutionary attachment to the brain. The telepaths are among the most honest living organisms in the galaxy, because all thoughts and mental processes in these shells are visible to others anyway. It means that the telepaths are not real telepaths, but nobody cares.