Teeny Tiny Aliens and the Great Big Pet Disaster

Teeny Tiny Aliens and the Great Big Pet Disaster - a book by Debbie White.

Teeny Tiny Aliens Itsy and Weeny are always in trouble. Can they find the Chief a pet, or will that end in disaster too?

Teeny Tiny aliens

 Below is the character development for the book. The Teeny Tiny Alien has changed a bit and number five is the result we can see in the publication.

Character Development Aliens

 Soon poor Weeny and Itsy (and the ziplets) were drifting out in space in their Teeny Tiny Spaceship.


 Itsy and Weeny didn't enjoy being at the bottom of the Teeny Tiny Sea. It was dark down there, and very boring. Except on the very last day, when a Great Green Slurp Bubbler sneaked up and tried to swallow their Teeny Tiny Submarine.


They hid from fearsome monsters with scary pincers and lots of legs.


Just then, Itsy's Teeny Tiny Space Phone ringed. Itsy and Weeny held their breath. What was the Chief going to say?


The Chief's birthday party started well. DJ Teeny Tiny Smalls was playing the Chief's favourite teeny tiny music tracks.